It's not what you know, it's who we know.

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When building a career or business, your opportunities only extend as far as you can see.

Our unrivalled knowledge, experience and connections will both widen your horizons and enable you to identify and judge the exceptional individuals or rare openings that provide the best possible fit for your ambitions.

Welcome to Motus

Motus Legal Recruitment



Motus is a bespoke legal recruitment agency. Everything we do is personalised to the unique needs of our clients and candidates.

Our aim is simple: to give the best advice and to make the right connections between our clients and our candidates and to put the right people into the right positions.

We focus on the long-term. If you’re a law firm, we’ll work with you to help you grow and develop over time. If you’re a candidate, we’ll be at your side, helping you make the right decisions and build a successful career that’s just right for you.

Our approach is straightforward:

  • Director-led: you’ll always deal directly with one of our highly experienced directors
  • Bespoke: no client or candidate is ever the same. Everything we do is tailored to the unique needs of the people involved. We’ll develop solutions that suit you
  • Connected: we nurture our relationships with our clients and candidates and this helps us make the right connections between them

Our people are all highly experienced, with superb connections throughout the profession.