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What law firm leaders think their 3 biggest challenges will be in 2024
Clearly all law firms face a range of challenges, but in our discussions the three most talked about issues were...
Timing tips for upcoming NQ’s
It’s never too early to be thinking about what you want to achieve, and to be ahead of the game. We have prepared this short guide so you’re ready for the qualification process.
Two women in an interview
Interview tips at NQ level
Interviewing at NQ level is a topic we get asked about a lot, so we thought we’d pull together a few thoughts gathered from our experience in the hope they prove useful.
Wall with a sign saying a change may be round the corner
Time for a career review?
As you can imagine, we spend a lot of time talking to lawyers. We’ve come across most scenarios. We talk openly, honestly and knowledgeably to give you the facts, as they are. 
Office boardroom
Forward to the past
Different hybrid working patterns that have all been seen a lot over the last two to three years, and candidates have been led to expect choice in their working pattern, but... are things changing?
Am I working in the right law firm?
Have you considered where your legal career is heading recently? Whether you are a mid-level Associate or a Partner you should plan to ask yourself a few simple generic questions every once in a while.